General information

I teach beginner, intermediate and advanced piano lessons for children ages 5 to 19. Lessons take place in my home studio in Cooper City, FL, on my grand piano.

References from students and parents are available.

I customize my training to your child's personal needs, and focus on technique and playing a variety of different styles of music. I also use an easy step-by-step approach to teach piano theory to ensure that your child will be able to play independently without a teacher in the future.

Lessons are designed individually for each student and musical selection and mix is made based on your and your child's preferences. The basic training is on classical music with additions of classic pop or standards (such as Frank Sinatra), as well as rock and blues.I specialize in teaching and motivating children to play and to provide the foundation to become life-long musicians.

I have the experience and patience from not only years of teaching children but also from bringing up two children of my own.Key is to develop technical proficiency and interpretive skills, explore individual creativity, and building self-confidence.